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May 28, 2020

It’s becoming another world as I continue watching cities reopening around the country. California’s approach is happening in phases with the next including the opening of schools. Yesterday, guidelines (developed by representatives of the state’s 23-county school system, county staffers and outside advisors) were announced that put health and safety first as we fight the spread of Covid-19: small classes, students must wear masks and social distance, staggered school days, playing together will have restrictions, and hallways will have one-way foot traffic. I feel for the students and the teachers, but sadly, there are few other options until a vaccine is discovered. There’s so much more to be done, but we can’t move forward if we don’t take baby steps first.

It’s nerve-wracking, and we will get through this -- but not without everyone stepping up to the plate with a positive attitude. And wearing masks. And social distancing.

I see this with our generous and forward-thinking neighbors on Victoria Lane. Vegetable gardens are growing, an outdoor movie night was erected this week on a neighbor’s front porch, and I’m trying to convince my incredible baker-neighbor that he should open his own shop.

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