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Freelance journalist, Contributing Writer at Creators Syndicate

Long before my first published article, I shared with an office colleague “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Gatwick Airport,” the title I gave to a humorous tale from my personal travel journal about all that went wrong on the last day of my first trip to London.  “You should be publishing your stories,” law firm partner Jorge Arciniega chuckled.  Eventually, I followed that cue.  With unrelenting curiosity, I left a rewarding position in recruitment and, with an open mind, began exploring the world.  Lifting one layer at a time, I uncover what makes a place unique -- through its people, their lore, traditions, and cuisines.  This passion to learn turned into a career in storytelling. From wine making on California’s Central Coast, Switzerland’s ancient vineyards of Lavaux, and Hampshire’s English sparkling wine country in the south of England, to tasting New Norwegian cuisine on a trek across Norway; from shushing down the slopes of Park City, Utah, to snowshoeing, cross-country and alpine skiing through the massive Swiss Alps; from immersing my senses in the romantic gaucho culture of Argentina to discovering Monterrey, Mexico, the country’s most American-looking city whose inhabitants are among the happiest people in the world to engaging with the Greeks in the villages surrounding the Corinthian Gulf.  I return home to research more, then write my tales.  There’s a lot more to travel writing than meets the eye.  But doing the footwork gives me endless pleasure so that I can educate, entertain, inspire, and share my findings with fellow adventurers and armchair travelers.

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