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May 29, 2020

People have every reason to be concerned about cities reopening too early or without a plan. Seoul, the capital of South Korea, was touted in March for its ability to keep the spread of the coronavirus low in such a densely populated city. But after recently reopening museums, art galleries, and 500 schools, they have been forced to close again because the virus has resurged.

That’s all the more reason I will be masking up whenever I step outside my gate. And just when I thought I’ve gotten my fill on everything we need to know about masks, I came across even fresher information about face coverings -- like how to keep them from hurting your ears, the best materials for masks, reminders why masks don’t replace social distancing, how to clean masks, washing and reusing masks, and masks for children. Not to mention the variety of masks out there.

Then I read about masks made with copper that kills viruses and bacteria within hours (as opposed to days) because of the metal’s antimicrobial properties. In theory, if an infected person wears a mask with copper, transmission of viral particles into the air can be reduced because the copper will kill off the infected particles the mask-wearer is breathing out.

This could be worth checking out.

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