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May 27, 2020

People were out in “droves” when I took my morning walk – a sign that it’s going to be another hot one today.

On the uphill climb, I noticed a guy on the other side of the street walking his dog – the shady side. I wanted to cross over. But because we were keeping pace with one another, we couldn’t social-distance. So, I overtook him on the next block. As I started huffing and puffing, I ripped off my mask to breathe more easily while making sure no one was close by. Then I realized that we walkers need to strategize while out and about. Within a few minutes I heard, “Oh! I’m so sorry!” as a woman (masked) apologized when she turned a corner and almost collided into a teen-aged boy (no mask) walking his dog. From now on, when approaching the end of a block, I will walk on the street.

I was shocked to learn this morning that Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli and his wife Veronica Berti contracted Covid-19 in March. They chose to keep their illnesses private. By Easter Sunday Bocelli had recovered and performed, alone, in the empty Duomo di Milano Cathedral. His mesmerizing “Music for Hope,” became YouTube’s largest live stream musical performance. Andrea and Veronica are now donating their blood to aid in the development of a cure for the virus. I thank the gods that he will continue gracing the world with his gift.

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