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March 27, 2020

On my walks I’ve been stumbling across wonderful things. Or perhaps I’m just paying more attention. Along the stretch of a picket fence, I looked down to find myself stepping on beautiful words written in colorful chalk: EVEN the darkest night will end and the sun will RISE”; You are LOVED, H.O.P.E. Hold on Pain ENDS; Keep Your Head up Keep Your Heart Strong; and Together in LOVE.

“My granddaughters did that!” my neighbor called out. “I had no idea they were doing this…” It was affirmation, he said, that he and “my beautiful wife” did a good job raising them. Indeed, they did.

“Wash Your Hands” is the mantra every minute of the day now, among others. I read an article about Dr. Sharon Madanes, a surgeon at New York University – and artist -- who started painting an unexpected subject a year ago: hand washing. Inspired by this cardinal rule of hospital personnel, she puts her perspective onto canvas. With the coronavirus fall out, Dr. Madanes’ extraordinary work has shed a fascinating light onto today’s heroes.

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