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March 26, 2020

I took Lola out this morning so she could take care of business. When we came back inside the house, the sun was shining intensely through the backdoor window. I felt the warmth on my face and stood there a few minutes soaking it in like the healthy heat of a sauna.

My heart breaks knowing Covid-19’s devastation to the people of New York City. We listened to Governor Cuomo’s pleas last night for more ventilators. To think this could have been prevented or certainly forestalled.

And I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw an article this morning about 5,000 n95 respirator masks that had been stored in the crypt level of the Washington National Cathedral. The head stone mason at the cathedral recalled this when news of the pandemic broke out. An angel from heaven.

This has got to be a movie.

While the world is turned upside-down, something has remained the same: the birds are still singing outside, the parrots’ noisy calls are music to my ears, and finches still land in the oak tree outside my kitchen window.

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