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March 21, 2020

It’s not uncommon now to wake up to emails from companies disclosing how they are dealing with coronavirus, ensuring they are following protocol for the utmost care of employees and customers. The next thing I look for when scanning the verbiage is whether they are reducing hours or closing up.

Then I hear Louie walking around the house at 6:00 a.m. And not just to go to the bathroom. What’s he doing? He’s sounding too busy. What the heck? He’s not going to Masters swimming because the aquatic center closed due to the virus.

He was getting ready for another online yoga session. Good for him. Louie’s not a morning person, but a de-stressing regiment will get him up before the sun (he used to swim at 5:30 a.m.). I truly admire that. It doesn’t matter that the tranquility of my mornings may now be interrupted with Louie’s yoga instructor yelling out poses and carrying on.

Our groceries are coming tomorrow! Indeed, we are in another time. We discussed last night that we will have to sanitize each item before bringing them into the house.

As we adapt our lives to this new normal, I cope by sticking to old habits. Like getting dressed for the day right away, including earrings and necklace and putting on lip color, even though I’m not going anywhere. Staying in my PJs would just make me loaf around. Dressing with purpose gives me purpose, and I look nice for my family. I still pack a sandwich-size Baggies with my snack of Wheat Thins (reduced fat, of course) -- to munch on while I write.

Louie just walked in from a walk with Lola. He just shared the news that his cousin in Las Vegas, married to a wonderful Frenchman, just learned that his sister and her husband in France have the virus…

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