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March 22, 2020

This morning I read that some distilleries in Southern California are reinventing themselves because coronavirus has forced closure of their bars. With the facilities and ingredients needed to make hand sanitizers, some started to make their own because stores are completely sold out. Then they made some for family, friends, and staff. A new and desperately needed production has just been born. But getting licensing for mass distribution, is the red tape. There’s no time to waste –- get these distilleries approved – POSTHASTE!

After finishing my bookkeeping yesterday, I took a power walk up the hill. Louie and Lola came along, but I told Louie that I need the cardio, so I won’t be stopping along the way. We eventually met up again on my way down the hill.

It’s important to de-stress by keeping some kind of exercise routine, especially with closures of health clubs and gyms. Breathe the fresh air, enjoy flowers in bloom and avoid close encounters!

On my power walk, I saw more neighbors chatting in the street and children riding their bicycles. So good to see more people heeding the call to stay close to home.

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