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March 20, 2020

How things change in 24 hours. As of midnight last night California’s 40 million residents are mandated to stay at home. In fact, our household has been “rehearsing” for this since last week.

But it was weird to hear the mandate. How ironic that Louie was watching the movie, “Adrift,” about a couple stranded in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. A true story, the couple persevered through the impossible and never gave up. Sadly, he died, but she hung in there and was rescued.

Our dinner was leftovers from the day before. Louie’s a great cook. He grew up in his family’s Mexican restaurant business. In the middle of the afternoon on Wednesday, he made a masterpiece of a goulash with hot and sweet sausages, chopped cabbage, celery, cherry tomatoes and red bell peppers seasoned with bay leaves, cumin, salt and pepper.

The mood at dinner was surreal. Louie wondered if we could still buy n95 respirator masks. Nowhere to be found, Dennis our IT consultant texted me (he’s our trusted go-to man). Louie’s a mortgage broker. We’ll never forget the devastating housing crash of 2008. We weathered that horrible storm – and now we’re in another economic downward spiral. But this is a different beast. The “eternal optimist” as Jacqueline calls me, I feel in my gut that we will also get through this, but not without scars.

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