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March 17, 2020

I woke up this morning wondering which other businesses will close. Just saw an email before going to bed that Nordstrom is closing temporarily. I’d better make that appointment for junk pick up, which we’ve been meaning to do for a while. Eeeks.

Things are changing fast because of the pandemic. Yes, it’s causing stress. But I continue to see people taking care of one another. Our neighbor checked to see if we need anything from the market.

When the local market was too crowded, I walked across the street to the liquor store to see if they had eggs and almond milk. Cleaned out. The lovely Indian woman behind the counter was so apologetic and told me they just got a shipment the day before and everything sold out. Even the warehouse is completely out of toilet paper. She asked me for my phone number and said she would call me when tomorrow’s shipment comes in. “Because we’re a small store, we receive a small supply.” In less than an hour, she phoned me to say she had the milk and eggs. Oh, my goodness, such kindness!

And while we’re all talking about toilet paper, my search for what has become a prized commodity has enlightened me as to its various forms: Travel toilet paper, that is, small rolls to carry in a pocket or a purse; and moistened bum wipes in convenient packets (like the towelettes we get at BBQ restaurants…(sigh).

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