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March 16, 2020

Woke up to scroll through the morning news on my phone. Starbucks is going the way of takeout orders only. Does that mean I can’t sit at my favorite Starbucks that’s been my morning ritual for years? I quickly got dressed and walked three blocks to my local Starbucks to get ahead of the crowd that will soon see this news.

An awakening it was: The floor was cleared of tables and chairs, which were stacked against the wall. The outside tables and closed umbrellas were cabled together. And against the outside windows, tables and chairs were stacked and cable locked.

I ordered a dark coffee, a venti this time, with steamed almond milk. Darn. It wasn’t made the way my beloved regular baristas make it – with lots of foam. But it still brought me the morning comfort I needed.

To devise calm in my own life, I’m giving a shot at home delivery for my groceries, which I’ve never done before. Having to accept that we must change our habits and the way we go about our days is a rude awakening. With a small house and not a lot of storage space – and the market just down the street -- we have always shopped as-we-need. We cook a lot at home and always buy fresh ingredients for the day. But with long lines at every grocery store, this is worth a try. But there’s a “line” there, too. My order won’t arrive for five days.

To aggressively contain spread of coronavirus, California Governor Gavin Newsom, has asked all bars to close and that all seniors 65+ self-isolate (that’s us).So, we will.At Jacqueline’s urging, Louie signed up for hot yoga and Pilates classes – all online now.He rolled out his yoga mat in the living room, laughing while stretching with Lola trying to get in on the act.So, I went down the hall to my office to pay bills.With our athletic club facilities also closing, I am now inspired to buy walking poles, a fantastic form of exercise I discovered in the Austrian Alps.

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