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March 18, 2020

Every morning I wake up reminding myself that we just can’t pop over to a store to pick up a bottle of wine, or a can of tuna…

Wow, I just got a text from the supermarket that my online order is delayed and will arrive this Sunday (but I knew that). It made me happy to know the system is alive and well. I have more items to add, so I’d better get to it.

I went to the local Mail & Post store to mail a UPS package. As soon as I walked in, I saw a former neighbor who used to rent a house next door to us. As I waved “hello” she dashed over to hug me. I stepped back and with a smile, I said, “I’m sorry, but no hugging…” followed with a regretful look on my face. She immediately stormed out of the store yelling back, “It’s a HOAX!”

The only other customer in the store and I were speechless.

A minute later, she returned happy as can be and dropped a piece of mail in the slot. “This is why I came here!”

All right…

Later in the evening Jacqueline suggested we take a walk around the neighborhood. The cold, crisp air, no rain and the mountains behind us were just the calm we needed.

But no more walking to the town square. I learned from Lola’s vet that dogs can be carriers of coronavirus. Studies were done on the only known case of a dog with the virus in China – whose owner was sick with the virus. The dog had tested positive but showed no symptoms. Dogs can be carriers if anyone with the virus touches it. So, I immediately had Lola bathed and we’re taking the preventive measure of not allowing anyone to hug her – a sad change we’re making from our evening rituals of sitting at Starbucks and letting passersby give Lola loving hugs – and she gives them right back.

Jacqueline, an artist, had something else in mind on that walk. She led us down a small street to a one-story building – to show us the small office/art studio that she had just rented the day before. It was by chance that she spotted the “For Rent” sign on this street that she never usually walks. She unlocked the front door. As soon as I stepped inside, I felt a lovely energy. What a bright moment to celebrate!


As we were leaving the building, we saw friends taking a walk – parents and their three school age children. We normally give big wonderful hugs, but we couldn’t this time. “Oh, I’m sorry…but we shouldn’t hug…” I said regretfully.

Then the mom told us that a university professor friend of hers said it’s not anything to worry about. “It’s just like the flu.” My response: “This is not just the flu.”

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