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June 24, 2020

Just as I started to write about the positive effects and negative fallout of the pandemic three months after it turned our lives upside down, I heard the voice of a doctor on television expressing her frustration with people who refuse to wear masks. She lost an uncle to Covid-19 – “…In my ICU.” She was the only family member to see him before he died.

“If you don’t like wearing a mask,” she said with great emotion and exasperation,” “…you won’t like the ventilator!” She underscored that it is she and her colleagues who are the front liners receiving the sick.

Since businesses have reopened and people have returned to work, hospitalizations have been going up – not down -- and Covid cases continue to spike. Spread of the coronavirus could be bearable if every single person wears a mask when they are out in public. More people are out and about enjoying restaurants, entertainment and going to bars. But for those asymptomatic carriers who don’t wear a mask, they return home to spread the virus to family members, friends, and anyone else with whom they come in contact.

This really is a time for all of us to pull together with random acts of kindness, that is, Wear a Mask!

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Barbara Place
Barbara Place
Jun 24, 2020

I read an interesting article re masks and the public good and people's "freedom" to do whatever they want to do.

You can't walk into a retail store or even a restaurant and light up a cigarette.

You can't drive a car without having a seatbelt on.

These measures protect us all - not just the individual who has their freedom curtailed.

Unfortunately, we are the only country in the "free world" that is led by someone who has politicized the wearing of masks.

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