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June 25, 2020

I was thrilled to see the headline this morning that NASA’s headquarters building in Washington, D.C., will be named after Mary W. Jackson, NASA’s first African American female engineer and unstoppable trail blazer. Known as the “human computer,” America has Ms. Jackson to thank for putting astronaut John Glenn on the moon and keeping the U.S. in the Space Race. Her story at the agency and that of her three African American female colleagues, is told in the 2016 book and movie, “Hidden Figures.” Now, she’s a person with whom I would love to do lunch.

Speaking of smart females, we noticed that our Lola has an ingenious habit when she naps -- something we thought was “by accident” at first. She seems to make a pillow or chin support with a small area rug. We have never seen Lola in the act, but when we saw her fast asleep a few days ago, we knew she was having sweet dreams.

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Barbara Place
Barbara Place
Jun 25, 2020

So sweet! And yay for the naming of NASA's new headquarters. In the midst of so much bad news, we have seen some real progress in many areas. Of course, instead of being passionate about protecting Americans' lives or making Americans feel safe to return to normal life and their jobs, our president is passionate about protecting Confederate statues! Oh, well. Interesting times.

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