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June 17, 2020

My beloved first supply of Don Francisco coffee that I ordered in early April finally ran out. We also turned our friends, Teresa and Denis, into DF fans. The other week, Teresa gave me a bag of whole bean butterscotch coffee that she mistakenly received with her order. She couldn’t use it because she doesn’t have a grinder. I don’t either, but it’s motivated me to finally buy one. Soon… So, when I excitedly placed my second order online last Friday, I added an extra tin of ground butterscotch and will surprise Teresa – today. I couldn’t believe how quickly my order was delivered – in two days! You must be a VIP, Jacqueline said.

Well, when something brings me joy, as Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo says, it’s a keeper. During the early days of lockdown, Don Francisco saved me and kept the Muse coming.

And yesterday, I placed a call to our hair salon in Pasadena that reopened last week. Like old friends who haven’t talked in a long time, I told Deanna at the small salon that “Louie and I are ready to get cleaned up.” She gave me the rundown on all the sanitizing and distancing measures they will have in place, including wearing face coverings, no magazines, no beverage service, keeping the doors open and allowing 15 minutes between clients to ensure clean stations. Fortunately, our wash-and-wear cuts are simple, and we don’t color our hair – so we will cautiously step inside and should be finished in short order.

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