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June 16, 2020

Last night, Louie heard sad news from his processor that the 45-year-old husband of her dear friend died from Covid-19 last week. He was a healthy father of two young children. Louie’s friend said that she knew him well. She fondly recalled that when their group of friends used to go out dancing, she and her friend’s husband were always paired together – because they were the “mediocre” dancers. Another unfortunate coronavirus casualty so close to home. (In my April 14 diary entry, I had written about her father in New York who was hospitalized for many days with the coronavirus. Fortunately, he survived.)

Then I spoke to our friend who, over the weekend, went to enjoy the weather at Manhattan Beach with his son. He said he couldn’t believe the large groups of people clustering close together on the crowded beach. It was hard for the two of them to find space for themselves. We both agreed that while people are ecstatic about the loosening of lockdowns, this pandemic is not over.

It’s frightening that behavior like this is contributing to a resurgent spread of the virus.

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Barbara Place
Barbara Place
Jun 16, 2020

So sorry to hear about this loss. We are truly two nations now - those of us who are listening to scientists and those people who believe that Dr. Fauci and the scientists are part of some deep state.

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