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June 18, 2020

It’s heaven on earth seeing our backyard desert scape in bloom with flowers Jacqueline planted last year -- tiny yellow chocolate daisies and dainty white California Buckwheat. I never really appreciated the beauty of desert flora until seeing the blossoms up close.

Then, in our man-made world, powers that be are ramping up requirements for mask-wearing as the coronavirus continues to surge. For the greater good –- and because not enough people are complying on their own -- it’s time to protect the public:

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, made the move this week that House members must wear masks when in committee hearings. If members refuse, they will be barred from entering the meeting room – and can join the meeting remotely.

Go Nancy.

And major airlines in the U.S. are now looking out for the welfare of their passengers. On Delta, those who refuse to wear masks during a flight may not be thrown off the plane immediately, but they shouldn’t be surprised if they find themselves banned from flying Delta in the future.

United will supply face masks if passengers do not have one. It won’t remove a non-compliant passenger right away, but his or her refusal will be documented and the passenger’s “future flight benefits” with the airline will be handled after the flight has landed.

We’ll soon see similar announcements by other airlines. So much for flying the friendly skies.

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Barbara Place
Barbara Place
21 черв. 2020 р.

Oh, face masks. Only Trump could politicize face masks!

My landlady, a flight attendant, was so concerned that passengers were not required to wear face masks. Now she and 2 of her flight attend colleagues have the coronavirus.

Our governor reopened the state weeks ago with no mask requirements, and the mayors did not have the authority to require masks. Finally, as our cases have been steadily rising, he allowed mayors to set mask requirements. So our Phoenix mayor now requires masks in all public settings.

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