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August 22, 2020


Yesterday I started my morning walk with a stroll down the hill through the town square. My heart sank when I saw the blue U.S. mailbox that has been a part of our downtown landscape for decades. Sadly, that iconic symbol of timely and reliable service for our community has just been threatened (that’s another story).

Just looking around, it’s easy to see that the coronavirus is imbedded into our daily lives. In order to survive, restaurants have closed their doors to indoor diners, but have embraced al fresco dining and take-out service that have brought happiness to all of us. I passed Wisteria Restaurant and could see from the street its rear parking lot-turned outdoor café. I walked down the former driveway to the magically transformed lot redesigned with socially distanced tables, stringed lighting above, umbrellas and potted flowering plants. Sweet enough for a special date in coronavirus times.

Outdoor dining

And just as I was stepping it up for the uphill leg of my walk, I did a double-take in front of Lunch hair salon where a client was having her hair cut on the shaded outdoor deck next to the front door. In Covid times, salons and barbershops can operate only outside. The outdoor station was “camouflaged” behind potted plants. The stylist and client happily let me snap a shot of yet another life-in-the-time-of-coronavirus moment.

Outdoor hair cut


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