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August 20, 2020

Since the beginning of the pandemic (and according to the advice of experts at the time), I have let our mail “air out” from the coronavirus on our patio table for several hours before bringing it inside, including boxes. Until now. After reading a recent Texas Medical Association ranking of coronavirus risks according to activities, my concern with mail is now considered low risk. So, I can open my bills a lot sooner.

With plenty of months to conduct studies, results of the rankings are interesting and surprising. From opening mail to pumping gasoline, grocery shopping, playing golf or tennis, staying at a hotel, outdoor dining, or dining at someone’s home, there is a risk level with so much that we need and want to do. Rather than freak out, we keep our exposure to a minimum in order to safeguard ourselves from catching the virus – or from spreading it to others.

It doesn’t hurt to be reminded of the latest rankings of the 37 most likely places to catch Covid-19 – from Level 1 (least) to Level 9 (most):

Level 1:

  • Opening the mail

Level 2:

  • Getting restaurant takeout

  • Pumping gasoline

  • Playing tennis

  • Going camping

Level 3:

  • Grocery shopping

  • Going for a walk, run or bike ride with others

  • Playing golf

Level 4:

  • Staying at a hotel for two nights

  • Sitting in a doctor’s waiting room

  • Going to a library or museum

  • Eating at a restaurant outside

  • Walking in a busy downtown

  • Spending an hour at a playground

Level 5:

  • Having dinner at someone else’s house

  • Attending a backyard barbecue

  • Going to the beach

  • Shopping at a mall

Level 6:

  • Sending kids to school, camp, or day care

  • Working a week in an office building

  • Swimming in a public pool

  • Visiting an elderly relative or friend in their home

Level 7:

  • Going to a hair salon or barbershop

  • Eating at a restaurant inside

  • Attending a wedding or funeral

  • Traveling by plane

  • Playing basketball

  • Playing football

  • Hugging or shaking hands when greeting a friend

Level 8:

  • Eating at a buffet

  • Working out at a gym

  • Going to an amusement park

  • Going to a movie theater

Level 9:

  • Attending a large music concert

  • Going to a sports stadium

  • Attending a religious service with more than 500 worshippers

  • Going to a bar

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