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August 4, 2020

It seems as though the second mandate in July to close bars and indoor dining has paid off for California as numbers are showing a slowdown in new coronavirus cases and deaths. The big mistake was allowing some businesses to reopen in May – and during Memorial Day weekend many carelessly ignored the need to wear masks and to social distance. The consequence in June was an explosive spread of the virus around the country.

Like the repetition of commercials and ads on television and our devices, I pray that the increase in yard signs I see on my walks and other forms of signage will sink in and remind all of our communities that our job to control Covid is a big one and we can’t afford anyone to let their guard down.

I accept that we won’t be seeing the world as it was before March. I also acknowledge that it’s time for everyone to begin building what is now a new world. For sure, it’s overwhelming, but it’s a mountain we can’t be afraid to climb.

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