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August 2, 2020

That’s it. We’re changing to bamboo toilet paper. By now, we can all write reviews on toilet paper. Two-ply, one-ply (good grief). Mega rolls and rolls that last less than a day. Thanks to sheltering at home, TP goes a lot faster now. The ensuing challenge is replenishing with our preferred toilet paper brand before it runs out at the store and having to settle for less.

During a trip to Whole Foods, the only toilet paper on the shelf was made with bamboo. I had never bought bamboo TP before, but there’s a first time for everything.

It was a rather nice experience, I must say. It was at least double-ply, I don’t remember exactly. It was soft and it didn’t feel cheap. I liked it. My regular market doesn’t carry bamboo TP, so I went back to purchasing traditional toilet paper – that was lesser quality than bamboo.

I did a quick search on bamboo and learned “5 reasons why it’s so great:”

  1. It’s the world’s fastest growing plant and reaches full size in less than four months. Standard trees can take over 30 years. Cultivation is natural, so pesticides are not needed.

  2. Bamboo is so strong it’s called the new “green steel” and is used in construction.

  3. Bamboo is hygienic because it’s fibers are naturally anti-bacterial. Now I have more confidence whenever I see eating utensils and straws made with bamboo. With a proper varnish, these products can last for years.

  4. Production of bamboo is sustainable because the products are made by the local community where it is grown.

  5. Bamboo forests are healthy for the environment. It absorbs twice the amount of carbon dioxide and generates as much as 30% more oxygen than trees.

And although most people think bamboo is a tree, it’s actually a grass that grows anywhere and everywhere – from the hot tropics to cold mountain climes.

There is one more great thing I know that I will love about bamboo toilet paper: I can start a subscription with so that a supply can be delivered to our household on a regular basis. I will never run out of my favorite – three-ply – bamboo TP.

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