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August 5, 2020

I suppose I’m not the only one who is on board to move forward with the reality of living with Covid. After writing yesterday’s entry, a timely article popped up on my phone this morning: “Coronavirus Will Change the World Permanently. Here’s How.” And it’s not all bad as we open the doors to a new frontier of living.

With months to observe and figure out where we might be headed as a nation and as a people, predictions from the best of the best thinkers are pretty enlightening. Short essays by university professors, a U.S. Naval War College professor, a university president and global health scholar, authors, filmmakers, tech and media gurus, fellows, magazine editors, and many more, hint that we are more prepared than we think we are to take on this behemoth.

The writings are a healthy shot in the arm and offer perspectives that have not yet crossed my mind (it’s easy for our brains to be so jumbled these days).

The article contains a good number of essays, which I am reading a few at a time with a nice hot cup of coffee. They are short. And they are captivating.

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