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April 5, 2020

In this crisis, our other heroes are grocery store personnel. They’re the soldiers on the front lines who round-the-clock keep the shelves stocked so their fellow Americans can buy the food and other necessities they need at home. Like hospital personnel, they’re working long hours putting their own lives at risk.

Indeed, there is something new coming out every day on the fight against Covid-19. A “California homegrown” test out of Stanford University, said to be “hours away from federal approval,” could open the path for individuals with antibodies to the virus to “safely interact with others without catching or spreading it.” That includes going back to work.

Forever the romantic, Louie created a lovely ambience for our dinner of leftover cocido last night. While I cleaned newly purchased items at the sanitation station in the garage, I noticed Louie cleaning candle holders. That’s not very productive, I thought.

Then he began lighting six candles on the patio table underneath our newly erected outdoor umbrella (never mind that we keep the candles available for power outages). “We’re going to have a romantic dinner outside!” he said. How sweet is that I smiled as I rinsed away the suds. Throughout dinner, he kept wanting to enhance our surroundings. For more lighting, he hung a flashlight from one of the umbrella ribs. Nice! It put a spotlight on my soup -- just like in the restaurants.

It was so nice enjoying the quiet and looking out to the silhouette of the oak tree and listening to the quiet of the evening. Suddenly Louie popped out of his seat saying he had one more thing. Out came his portable speaker, which he hooked up to his iPhone so we could dine to romantic tunes. That certainly broke the silence and in the best way possible, changed up the routine of sheltering at home.

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