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April 4, 2020

Yesterday I spent time preparing my next travel story post, “Tequila Sunrise – With a Twist,” for my website. The story, which just published in the April issue of TraveLife magazine (Canada), is about the magical town of Tequila, Mexico, where tequila, the spirit, was discovered. According to legend, an Aztec goddess zapped the tiny Mexican village with a lightning bolt. When a blue agave plant caught fire, a sweet aroma wafted through the town. The villagers gathered to taste the sweet dripping syrup – and became very happy.

How ironic that this story published less than one month after the announcement of the pandemic. Our planet has been zapped with a monster virus. Now, earthlings are pulling together to bring happiness back to our world.

As I selected more images for the story’s accompanying photo galleries, I found myself reminiscing about socializing, group gatherings, traveling, and breaking bread – aspects of our daily life that we miss so much as we shelter at home. So, the post’s photo galleries will be plentiful, colorful -- and oh so happy.

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