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April 6, 2020

It poured rain all night. Love hearing the rain’s rhythmic patterns landing on tarps and tabletops. Had some downpours, too. That’s when Lola decided to wake up. Now you’re up? Why couldn’t you wake up 30 minutes ago when the rain had taken a break? I put on her bright yellow rain slicker as she stood so cooperatively. Then I threw on my raincoat and slipped into my rain boots. Lola didn’t hesitate when I opened the door as rain came down with a vengeance. She bee-lined to the lawn but circled numerous times before finding that perfect spot.

The CDC now recommends that everyone wear cloth face masks. Around my town, I’m encouraged to see many people covering up while taking walks and driving in their cars. Sadly, it’s taking time for others to realize that this pandemic is for real.

We’re absolutely diligent about how we shop for groceries and other necessary items. I am purchasing some items online straight from the maker’s website. We plan visits to our local market as seldom as possible and at times when they are least busy. I admit, I am now hooked on (Los Angeles-based) Don Francisco’s coffee, that is, its 100% Arabica Butterscotch Toffee that comes in a nostalgic tin. When Jacqueline made a fresh pot one day, an irresistible aroma permeated throughout the house. And when I placed my order, I felt as though I’d hit the jackpot -- shipping is free through May 1, 2020 and a complimentary mug will arrive with our first shipment.

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