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Paloma: 10 Months Old

June 27, 2022

Sometimes Paloma looks so grown up. Other times, “puppy” is written all over her. A constant reminder of this is that puppies sleep A LOT. She has finally grown into those big paws and is close to reaching her full height. Her super white adult teeth are a bit intimidating. We are grateful that she is no longer interested in nibbling on the legs of our dining room chairs or the tempting arms of our Fijian-designed bamboo-leather sofa, the corner of our coffee table or the wooden knob on our dresser drawer. This worrisome habit appears to be short-lived without full-blown destruction. Textiles are another story. But like our previous Golden Retrievers, we know the day will come when she will be done with digging holes in the ground. Patience…

I came to a wonderful realization. Unlike Anouk and Lola -- who, as soon as they would wake up in the morning, made it known post haste that they were up and ready for breakfast NOW, Paloma steps quietly into my room (I feign sleeping), but doesn’t “say” a word. If she sees that I’m not awake, she quietly leaves the room and goes back to her bed. Although I am convinced that she stays awake until she hears me stir, then comes back to greet me for morning cuddles.

I am constantly intrigued how, at her young age, Paloma has such a calm disposition. And she gets it. When I say things like “Mom’s working…,” “we’re all done,” “go play with your toys,” or “it’s too early to eat,” her insistent stance changes to “Okay, if you say so,” and she walks away.

One morning I was a tease: Paloma walked into my room. I remained under the sheets as still as could be. She walked out. In a few minutes I quietly sat up. Darn! She heard me from the hallway. I quickly lied down again. Her nails clicked along the hardwood floor.

At the foot of the bed she stopped, saw me “sleeping,” then walked away once more.

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