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When It Comes To Albondigas Soup, It's All About The Meatballs

On a whim, Chef Louie decided to make albondigas soup. So, brothers Louie and Armando (who came in from Las Vegas to perform at the Magic Castle) united to create a perfect winter night’s meal.

But we were out of rice to bind the meatballs. “Lentils will work,” Jacqueline chimed in.

A new recipe was born.

¡Tan delicioso!

Two brothers pose with ingredients for meatball soup.

A man cooks meatballs for meatball soup.

Raw meatballs for meatball soup.

Enjoying meatball soup with red wine.

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1 Comment

Athena, this post warms my heart because of the people in them and their extraordinary culinary talents.

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