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March 29, 2020

As the days pass, the pandemic’s reality sinks in more and more. Every move we make is a reminder why we must shelter at home.

We now have a “sanitation station” set up outside our back door before we bring in groceries. A video showed us how to sanitize items, right down to removing cardboard containers and tossing them out (cardboard can harbor coronavirus for up to 24 hours). I was impressed with Team Louie & Jacqueline. Out went the box containing the pizza they brought home. They removed bulk items from plastic bags, and I transferred them into our own containers. Now I’m really glad about Louie making that bargain purchase of 20 glass containers and lids at Tuesday Morning.

I just read that Instacart shoppers might go on strike Monday. Yikes. I’m glad I’ve nixed the grocery delivery option. Shoppers say they’re not protected enough and risk “…becoming carriers, falling ill themselves, or worse…” I don’t blame them -- they are on the front lines and risking their health and lives for others.

While hanging out in the front yard yesterday, we talked about delivery of our mail. Jacqueline said we should sanitize our mail, too. Really? Aren’t postal carriers sanitizing and taking precautions throughout the day?

Uh, no. I saw an article this morning that postal workers, similar to hospital workers, are faced with no sanitizers, gloves or masks.

So, we will take the extra step to meet our carrier at the gate and have her drop our letters in a box.

Then off to the sanitizing station.

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