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March 25, 2020

I read that the president of Harvard University and his wife just tested positive for the virus. They have no idea how they contracted it.

I also read that the smart governor of the state of Jalisco, Mexico, is taking aggressive preventive measures by conducting mass testing to contain the spread of Covid-19 that is now working its way through Mexico. Canada, Switzerland and other countries are making efforts to repatriate their nationals who are currently in Mexico.

This is every reason we should all be sheltering at home. Yesterday, Louie and I had to venture out for an important appointment, but not before donning masks and gloves.

We stopped by our local market to pick up a few things and I noticed that frenzy shopping is tamer now; however, items are flying off the shelves much faster. Like Wheat Thins.

Speaking of shopping, I will hold off on ordering groceries online at the moment now that everyone else is going this route. I also decided not to panic about the pending Ralphs debits on my bank account (for the groceries that were never delivered). I had emailed Ralphs about this, included my order number. Magically, the charges disappeared. Thank you, Ralphs.

Forget about toilet paper. I’m ready for a Japanese toilet or a bidet. Hands-free, they clean up after you with soothing sprays of water. It’s not a surprise that bidet purchases have suddenly skyrocketed. Loyalists are wondering why North Americans have taken so long to get on the bidet bandwagon.

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