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March 23, 2020

Yesterday was my long-awaited grocery delivery day. And all I got were two jars of peanut butter and two dozen eggs. “I ordered almost 50 items,” I told the delivery person/shopper. I even received a text message that Lysol spray was out of stock as well as updates about delivery time. Charges were also debited from my bank account. She showed me her Smartphone…only four items. She said the same thing happened with the delivery to my next-door neighbor. The nice shopper was very apologetic. She said she normally works on the west side of Los Angeles, but that shoppers are really needed in this area because so many people are ordering online. This wasn’t her fault, so I will have to pursue refunds with the grocery store and Instacart. But my friend down the street had success: She received her order the same day -- 80% of her 20-item order was delivered.

I checked in with my niece Marisa in Portland, Oregon, to see how she’s faring. She’s an instructor at a floral design school. She texted back that she’s doing well, all things considered, and that she was working on an installation at a local park using huge amounts of fresh flowers that a flower wholesaler had given away. I asked Marisa to send me a photo of the installation created for the community. OMG, it brought tears to my eyes. It looked like a gigantic Hawaiian lei around a tree. She described the flowers and plants: “Monsters leaves are the big green ones, there is also protea flowers and foliage; native to South Africa, dusty miller; silver fuzzy leaves, mauve and antique peachy color carnations, white dendrobium orchids, purple statice, and the long tulips are French Tulips.”


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