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June 29, 2020

Well, the only way to know if businesses were ready to reopen after months of lockdown, was to do it. It’s just not working. Within a couple of weeks, California Governor Newsom on Sunday ordered bars, pubs, breweries, and brewpubs in seven counties, including Los Angeles, to close again due to the nonstop rise in Covid-19 cases and deaths. The exception is for dine-in establishments where patrons may order alcohol with meals. Bars, etc., will be able to reopen only “…per state guidance and local permission…”

There’s a strategy that could greatly improve matters. The word contains five letters and starts with “M.”

But a wonderful lift in my day was taking a walk with my neighbor across the street, Elsie. Now that she’s gone back to work, it’s seldom that we see each other, like ships passing in the night. We looked forward to “having a coffee” and catching up -– although we really didn’t have coffee. By the time we met in the street at 11:00 a.m., we both had already eaten our oatmeal and downed enough coffee to get us through the afternoon. We were both looking forward to a healthy, vigorous walk.

We had no route in mind. We walked the main boulevard, then took a right on Lima Street, took it to the top, ventured up a really steep street neither of us had ever walked before. What a workout for our lungs and hamstrings!

Then, Elsie couldn’t wait to show me the pandemic-inspired vegetable garden -- a few blocks away in the wildly rustic canyon area of the city -- that her daughter and granddaughters planted with lots of tender loving care. The seedlings responded in kind with a gorgeous bounty of basil, purple lettuce, jalapeno chiles, yellow neck squash, corn, tomatoes, and more fragrant herbs. I envy the salads they are making.

And as we left the canyon, a sweet deer made her presence.

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