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June 28, 2020

I had missed out on a few powerwalks this week because of appointments. So, it felt good to get the cardio going again when I went out yesterday. It was a busy Saturday with lots of folks out – wearing masks -- including a couple on their way to hike the nearby trails.

And the subject of face coverings continues to be the hot topic. Simply put, it’s about people in America taking care of each other. I applaud those who don’t question the necessity to wear a mask. And for those who choose not to wear one, I wonder if they would do the same if invited to walk through a Covid ICU.

Sadly, some businesses are closing again, and others cannot yet open due to more people out and about and the coronavirus on the rise. But if everyone puts on a mask, businesses can likely continue running because the extra layers of protection between people helps us all.

Then I ran a quick errand at the local market last night. When I pulled into the parking lot, I spotted a friend walking out of the store wearing her mask. Good girl! Just before opening my car door, I put on my mask. When I looked up to greet Marsha standing a few feet from my car, she had removed her mask. “Oh, look,” she said, “I took off my mask, and you put on yours!” Really, Marsha?!

If we can all be on the same page sooner better than later, perhaps we can avoid a Covid tsunami forecasted for the fall.

Then there’s sweet Lola, completely oblivious to our worries, on this earth to simply bring us joy. And we finally solved the mystery last night: she uses her paw to prop up the rug to rest her chin.

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