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July 23, 2020

My July 19th diary entry was about Louie reuniting with his treasured gifts of tequila from Mexico. What I didn’t mention is that tequila from the blue agave plant is actually healthy to drink. Other benefits and uses of the agave plant leave nothing to waste.

Tequila is good for bone health, thanks to fructans that generate osteocalcin that helps to absorb calcium. Honey from the agave plant is a healthy sugar substitute. Studies by the American Chemical Society found that sugars in agave plants can lower blood sugar and reduces appetite that could help to control weight. Soaps and creams made from the plant are fantastic skin moisturizers.

Indigenous tribes used needles and fiber from the agave plant for sewing and making rope. Today, Ford and Jose Cuervo are teaming up to turn the remains of agave hearts into bioplastics to be used in making auto parts. Now, that’s good for the earth!

I will just have to remind Louie to sip his fine tequila – in moderation.

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