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October 31, 2020

Happy Halloween!

On my way home from running errands yesterday, I drove by a house and did a double-take when I saw skeletons seated at a dinner table complete with candelabras, goblets, and elixir. What a cool Halloween vignette! I made a U-turn so that I could take a photograph. The friendly owner was standing outside.

“I love your Halloween display. May I take a photo?”

Of course, she replied. This isn’t even half of what I normally do!

“Really?” I began to feel a bit guilty because the most I do at my house is put out pumpkins – the regular round orange ones as well as artisan pumpkins with their odd shapes, textures, and beautiful coloring. Placed on tables and on my front porch, they wake up the large yard with the mood of fall and warm autumn colors.

The irony of Covid times. The necessity of wearing masks, keeping our distance from one another, keeping our hands clean, and staying close to home as much as possible, has managed to bring humankind even closer to each other -- metaphorically, not literally. Without the need to say a whole lot, we share the uncertainty of the coronavirus and its impact on our daily lives. While, sadly, deniers in our midst contribute to prolonged and rapid spread of Covid-19.

But if the breadth of Halloween creativity this year is a measuring stick, including an owner who put out Halloween toys and games for kids on her front yard, I like what I see. “Because there is no trick-or-treating this year,” the owner said to me, “…I’d like children to have fun in another way.” Indeed, the dire challenges of Covid have brought out the best in so many of us that in turn, inspires others.

People are saying now that our lives in the time of Covid will never be the same. I see the truth in that. But that won’t stop me from always seeing the glass half full.

One way or another, there will be life after – or with -- Covid.

Washing Hands + Wearing a Mask + Social Distancing = Saving Lives

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