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August 24, 2020

Cup of coffee with chocolate

I thought there was only one benefit from coffee: It wakes me up. But a health article caught my eye: “30 Incredible Health Benefits Coming from Your Cup of Coffee.” Really?

And a survey showed that 70% of people polled said that “coffee makes them a better person.” Count me in. Each morning I raise my cup to the coffee gods for supplying me with happiness and inspiration.

More Benefits of Coffee:

  • Could help reduce risk of Alzheimer

  • Could help protect against dementia

  • Can give your memory a boost

  • Could help decrease mental fatigue

  • Could help make you smarter

  • Can help improve your reaction time

  • Can help reduce depression

  • Can help boost your mood

  • Could help improve coordination

  • Could reduce risk of Parkinson’s Disease

  • Could decrease risk of Multiple Sclerosis

  • Could help get rid of headaches

  • Could help reduce risk of heart disease

  • Could help reduce risk of stroke

  • Could help reduce risk of diabetes

  • Could help reduce risk of digestive diseases

  • Could help reduce gout

  • Could help reverse liver damage from drinking

  • Could help reduce risk of liver cancer

  • Could reduce risk of colon cancer

  • Could lower risk of prostate cancer

  • Could reduce risk of melanoma

  • Could help lower risk of basal cell carcinoma

  • Could help protect against breast cancer

  • Could help reduce cavities

  • Could help prevent gum disease

  • Coffee could help with erectile dysfunction

  • Could help increase libido in women

  • Could help reduce chronic pain

  • Could help you live longer

Now that’s a superfood.

But wait. Just because coffee is good for you, never overdo it. One motto I live by is: “Everything in moderation, no matter how much I love it.” That includes chocolate cake, croissants, coffee, and French fries.

Whether coffee is made in a percolator or a French press, with packets of gourmet instant coffee or with pods -- caffeine from coffee (not cocoa beans) stimulates the central nervous system that helps you stay awake. It’s highly addictive, and one can overdose if one drinks too much of it.

So, according to the FDA, 400 milligrams of caffeine a day – four cups – is safe (8-oz. cups, that is). To put it into perspective, a 20-oz. Venti Caramel Macchiato translates to 567 milligrams. Yikes.

But humans have been drinking this magical aromatic beverage since ancient times. And magical it is. This morning when Jacqueline poured instant coffee into her mug, she looked down to see that the grounds from coffee beans grown in Kenya landed -- in the shape of a heart.

Was that a nod from the Coffee Gods?

Heart shaped coffee grounds

Washing Hands + Wearing a Mask + Social Distancing = Saving Lives

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Team coffee forever! But yes...moderation is important =)

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