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October 21, 2021: When Lightning Strikes


October 4, 2021. Returning to Los Angeles from a weekend in the Central Coast, we stopped in Santa Barbara, our half-way point, for dinner.

Our “quick” meal at Mexican restaurant Flor de Maiz on Cabrillo Blvd., lasted much longer and turned out to be front-row seats for darkening skies, oncoming wind, rain, thunder and lightning strikes.

People taking photos of lighting in Santa Barbara CA

With beautifully plated dishes gracing our tables, distracted guests oohed in unison while trying to capture the lightning as it struck. I gave up and instead sat back to eat and watch the drama (that would last until we reached home and through the night).

3 tacos served at Flor de Maiz in Santa Barbara CA

Realizing the “lightning fast” lightning was getting too close for comfort was good reason to get back on the road. Out on the sidewalk the crackling got louder and scarier – stopping us in our tracks. Watching it all in awe, I kept snapping away.

Then I got the shot.

Lightning strike in Santa Barbara CA


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