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October 12, 2021: To Be In Paris...


Just got a brief e-letter from BFF Jeannie in Paris. Weather is getting chilly but the day before was nice and sunny, so she and her husband went to Luxembourg Gardens to read for a while. She also sent this photo: “…the view from the Saint-Sulpice church (we took a 2 ½-hour tour of the ‘high parts’ of the church).”

View from Eglise Saint-Sulpice
View from Eglise Saint-Sulpice

La tour Eiffel evokes such romance, doesn’t it?

Then I grabbed my phone and went outside to take a pic of the brass Eiffel Tower I bought off a souvenir stand during my trip to Paris in 1984. I almost passed it up because we were seeing “thousands” of them everywhere we went. I could pick one up anywhere before I leave, I thought. But my gut told me to grab it while I could. Now it sits on a table outside under the big oak tree. Whenever I get a glimpse of it through the kitchen and dining room windows, I smile

Ah, to be in Paris…

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