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September 3, 2021: This Time Last Year

Sitting at my desk, I turn my calendar to the new month. Then, something compels me to scroll my diary entries back to September 2020. What did I write?

Ah, one of my favorite topics – wine.

Indeed, wine consumption increased during the pandemic as we all lied low at home. Online wine sales and curbside pick-ups soared. And lockdowns afforded me the time to learn more and to write about the craft of winemaking (its history and the people behind it), both here and abroad. In a nutshell, the celebrated beverage brings people together. FYI, red wine is healthy for you, too (read on).

So, in the spirit of viewing the glass half full, timing can’t be more apropos to re-run my September 4, 2020, diary entry. We are being challenged with the aggressive variant, but we can control it and avoid the “L” word (lockdowns) – but only if everyone plays their part to vaccinate and mask up.

Let’s honor this season’s bounty and offer a toast to good health – for us all.

And when I say, “good health,” I mean it! Consumed in moderation, red wine is beneficial both physically and emotionally because it contains resveratrol, known as the juice’s “wonder ingredient.” Its superpowers fend off fungi and bacteria, and it can help people live longer, it can reduce depression, and there is less chance for fatty liver disease – just a few of a long list of benefits that made me feel less guilty about keeping our modest wine “cellar” stocked.

With forward-thinking, we’ll get through this. Stay positive, help one another, and let the wine flow.




USE YOUR BRAIN (the words of a kindergarten teacher to her students).

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Barbara Place
Barbara Place
Sep 09, 2021

Hey there, Athena! Sorry I’ve been MIA from your blog. Just struggling like everyone else to keep my head above water. It was so interesting going through this strange new pandemic through your blog. What a crazy time. So frustrating that we still have to deal with it because some people just refuse to listen to science. Anyhow, your blog really helped me get through the first year of this plague. Hope you’re well.

Athena Lucero
Athena Lucero
Sep 09, 2021
Replying to

Hello Barbara! I'm so delighted to hear from you:) It comforts me to know that my blog has served as a positive force for you (and others). You are right that we would not be where we are today if people simply vaccinate and wear a mask. Sadly, that has translated to children becoming the latest victims of the pandemic. The only way out is to continue looking forward. And we will do it! With all my best to you, Barbara...Athena

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