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March 15, 2022: The Nightcap

After a lovely dinner with our dear friend, Teresa, we started cleaning up. Then Jacqueline brought out a fresh stash of cheese. Upon inhaling the divine aroma from the gorgeous slice of Parmigiano Reggiano, I sighed. “We must enjoy this with port!” I cried out. But we didn’t have any.

“I’ll buy a bottle at Happy’s right NOW!”

“No…it’s too late to go,” Louie chimed in from the living room, trying to save me from making the trek to the liquor store three blocks away.

“Yes, go!” Jacqueline countered. “I’ll do the dishes!”


It was the icing on the cake. The only thing is that when we opened the bottle immediately upon my return home, sipped the soothing warm flavors of the Quinta da Cavadinha Vintage Port, and bit into the exquisite crumbly cheese, we floated into another dimension and didn’t come out for a while. We only wished that Teresa could have stayed longer.

And we never finished clearing the table that night.



You're living life. Love it.

Athena Lucero
Athena Lucero
Mar 16, 2022
Replying to

Thank you, Maria! Just when we thought the evening was winding down...

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