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January 10, 2022: Starbucks' January Mug

Oh yes, it’s going to be a wonderful day!

After pouring my piping hot coffee, I walked away for a minute, turned back and was hypnotized by rising steam swirling every which way. Any coffee addict will understand.

Do you remember Starbucks’ “January” mug? It was sold only during the holidays. If you happened to possess one of these, your coffee during the thirty days of January would be free all day long. I loved giving them as gifts.

This white mug was one of the earlier designs (a new design came out each year). I didn’t realize how possessive I had become of it until one day, when I decided to save leftover fresh-brewed coffee, the first container I spotted in my cabinet was my Starbucks mug. In the fridge it went. When my daughter woke up, I told her she could have the saved coffee. “Thanks,” she replied. Then, as she said good-bye at the door, in her hand was the mug.

“Uh, that’s my mug,” I politely blurted out.

No longer offered at Starbucks, my January Mug is now a relic of pre-pandemic times.

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