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May 24, 2020

I hit the streets a little earlier this morning to beat the heat and I found myself zig-zagging around other walkers who had the same idea. Good to see they were wearing face masks. And while on the downhill stretch, I saw a masked couple about 40 feet away and their dog turning the corner towards me. A few minutes prior, I saw that the entire street was clear, so I removed my mask and held it in my hand. Was I being super-sensitive or did the couple conveniently turn their backs to mask-less me until I passed them? So, with the umbrella (or shall I say parasol) that I carry to shield the sun, I did the courteous thing and lowered the umbrella to shield my face. I suppose I’ll never know.

But on this holiday weekend, I am again praying for healthcare workers around the country. If the 20+ photos I saw earlier this morning of crowded lakes, beaches and boardwalks around the country are any indication, doctors and nurses are probably bracing for more Covid-19 cases. Face masks were a rare sighting in the photos, even as strollers passed a lit-up sign urging everyone to “WEAR FACE COVERING.” And social distancing? What’s that?

On the other hand, Jacqueline took a walk around town yesterday and was relieved that everyone who was out and about, including a family gardening in their own yard, were wearing their masks.

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