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May 18, 2020

While I was doing dishes yesterday afternoon, Jacqueline called from her office to tell me she found on Craig’s List the perfect cabinet to hold her collection of drawings. “The seller already sold three and there is only one left. He’ll hold it for me if I can pick it up today. In Beverly Hills. Would you like to go with me?” Of course, I said, I’m just doing dishes. The price was $120, but if Jacqueline paid cash, he would shave off $20. Deal! In this time of isolating at home, cleaning house and getting rid of stuff is as contagious as the virus. Our mother-daughter excursion doubled as afternoon coffee hour. I made fresh brew to-go and a PB&J sandwich and Jacqueline brought along cold pizza – and the last of the lemon Girl Scout cookies. We thoroughly enjoyed our “Architectural Digest” tour through BH and the cabinet was a great find.

At last night’s Cheer, I was happy to see a middle school girl and her mother who were taking a walk and arrived in time to clap with us. We had first met them years ago in town when the daughter fell in love with Lola. After the cheer we chatted for a while. They shared how home schooling is going and the daughter can’t wait to go to the beach. They had recently been to a beach in Orange County and excitedly said there were lots of people on the sand. Most were not wearing masks, they told me, “… but they were social distancing.” Then I noticed how tall the daughter had grown since I last saw her. And how cute she looks in her eyeglasses. And as the lenses of my glasses fogged up from my mask, I noticed shiny braces on her teeth as they stood three feet from me. That’s when I noticed something else: they weren’t wearing masks.



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