May 12, 2020

Late last week while eating dinner and watching the news, the words “A Letter to My Father, Gabriel Garcia Marquez” appeared on the television screen. I jumped out of my chair to get closer. Filmmaker Rodrigo Garcia had written poignant words to his late Nobel prize-winning Colombian father on the sixth anniversary of his passing -- and while planet earth in 2020 finds itself in the midst of a worldwide pandemic (Garcia Marquez was intrigued by pandemics). The title of Garcia Marquez’s novel, “Love in the Time of Cholera,” inspired my diary. During our mid-30s, Louie and I voraciously read the 348-page novel after it published in English in 1988.

I finally had a chance to read Rodrigo Garcia’s moving letter in its entirety (it published six days ago in The New York Times on May 6).

A legend never dies.



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