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May 10, 2020


On special days, I never know what to expect from Louie -- famous for wearing his heart on his sleeve. I call it a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I am married to the most honest person on earth. And a curse because he tells me EVERYTHING he’s thinking. Like the dozen roses he bought for me yesterday.

He had gone to see a client (yes, he masked up and social distanced) and on the way back he stopped by Cardenas, a wonderful Mexican grocer, to pick up carne asada to barbecue for dinner. Every other Mexican had the same idea because the meat had already sold out for the holiday. When he arrived home, I met him at the car. As soon as he opened the door, he pulled out the most perfect bunch of long-stemmed red roses. “Happy Mother’s Day! I only paid $9.99 for them!” I immediately put them to my nose to smell the fragrance. “Imagine,” Louie said, “…the best roses are at the Mexican market. They would cost much more anywhere else!”

I looked at the roses this morning and the flawless buds are now opening.

So, in place of carne asada, Louie bought costillas, sliced marinated bone-in beef. He created his own recipe that included wine and baked the costillas in the oven for a few hours. The kitchen smelled heavenly and the meat was tender as can be.

Then as I was putting water in the percolator for my morning coffee, Louie walked over to the water cooler and confessed that he didn’t have a Mother’s Day card for me. “Mexican markets don’t sell greeting cards – remember what George Lopez said?” I laughed remembering Lopez’s stand-up routine about the lack of greeting cards in Spanish. A card is the last thing I ever worry about, I reassured Louie.

I also assured him that “I’m the luckiest Mom in the world because your love comes through in every beautiful meal you make!”

Again, to the world’s nurturing Moms – past, present, and future – Happy, Happy Mother’s Day.

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