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May 4, 2020

We learned a few days ago that our neighbor’s younger brother in Las Vegas (a hospital worker in his mid-50s) had contracted Covid-19 and was placed in ICU. Thankfully, he was strong enough to be released from the hospital last week. Lucky for him because he has a chronic respiratory condition. But he is far from being out of the woods as he continues to fight the devastating effects of the virus.

And as the virus continues to creep around out there, it’s hard to fathom that states around the country have begun lifting stay-at-home restrictions. Beaches and parks are opening as well as some businesses – hair salons, malls, and restaurants. I hope people’s brains will remind them that the desire to return to life-as-normal is not realistic. Just because they haven’t been taken down by the bug, they could very well be carriers and can pass it along to the person next to them. No matter how much I miss stints at my favorite coffee shops, my brain tells me to stay close to home as much as possible, thank you very much.

DJ Jazzy Jeff (Jeffrey Allen Townes), record producer, actor and comedian recently recovered from a severe case of the virus. After performing at an event in Idaho, he returned home ill with symptoms of Covid-19. It was reported that more than 100 guests at the same party had become ill, too. His words of advice: “Keep your social distancing. Stay in the house!”

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