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June 12, 2020

Now that businesses are back in business, and restaurants are putting out welcome mats, more people are running around loving life again – many without face coverings. New coronavirus cases are spiking again, too. But that’s not a surprise to health experts as lockdowns loosen. But we must remember: There’s an uncontrollable virus still out there. If these current numbers hold, this fall or sooner could be a re-run of spring. California has plenty of ventilators now, but I pray we won’t have to go there.

If only people will make the thoughtful gesture to put on a face mask when out in public, the spread of Covid-19 will likely be reduced, so say researchers at Cambridge and Greenwich universities. It’s pretty powerful when their studies indicate that -- if 100% of people don protective face coverings “all the time,” and in conjunction with safer-at-home practices -- there WILL be less epidemic spread.

Now that’s easy to understand.

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