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June 1, 2020

It’s hard to believe the year is almost half over. And yesterday was a day to remember. Between the milestone launch of SpaceX, the first manned launch from U.S. soil since 2011 (when the Space Shuttle Program ended), and non-stop coverage of the intense George Floyd protests, it was hard to focus on our day at the home office. As many protests became violent and looting ensued, curfews were imposed last night throughout the country. We can only wonder how the coming days will unfold.

My morning was relatively “calmer.”

I had taken Lola for her eye surgery check-up. Her eye has healed and it’s great to see her back to her playful self and prancing around without the cumbersome Elizabethan collar. I must say, though, that between her eye doctor and cancer doctor appointments in the same week, my brain was challenged between both.

When I was arriving at the doctor appointment in Pasadena, the gate that is normally open during the week was closed. On Sundays, only the other gate is open. So, as I went around the block, the Veterinary Cancer Group in Culver City called. I was already a few minutes late for the eye appointment. I quickly answered (thinking it was the eye clinic) and said that the west gate was closed and that I was driving around to the other gate. I have no idea what the cancer group guy was thinking because he replied, “Oh………would you like me to meet you in the parking lot?” That would be great, I told him. Then he asked, “Are you on the rooftop?” That’s when I saw “Veterinary Cancer Group” glaring at me from my phone’s screen, I told him, “OMG -- I’m at Lola’s eye doctor appointment!” That was embarrassing.

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