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July 27, 2020

This Friday, July 30, is World Friendship Day also known as International Day of Friendship. The idea to recognize friends on a special day started in the 1930s – in America. Sadly, enthusiasm for the concept didn’t stick. Asian countries, however, embraced the idea of showing love by carrying on the custom of celebrating friendships through gift-giving.

Fast forward to 1958, the World Friendship Crusade campaigned to “foster a culture of peace through friendship.” And in 2011, the United Nations General Assembly declared July 30 as International Day of Friendship.

Perhaps Covid-19 snuck up from behind to remind us that we are all on the same playing field – and that if we don’t come together as one, Team Covid could devastate us in the second half.

Seeing that we really messed up in the first half, medical experts want to start over with lockdowns and fight the coronavirus with the wisdom learned the first time around.

But we can only fix it by coming together as friends taking care of one another. Maybe then we will avoid being stung a second time by the coronavirus bug.

Come July 30, let’s all have reason to celebrate World Friendship Day.

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