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July 18, 2020

How many ways can you say, “Wear a mask!” One. But lately, I have been seeing “Just wear the damn mask” a lot more often.

That’s because universal masking works to stop the spread of the coronavirus. But not enough Americans are doing it – the reason a dreadful resurgence is happening. It’s for real, for real.

We’re four months into the pandemic and both medical experts and common folk have learned a lot more about Covid-19. By now, many of us (“anti-maskers” included) have been directly affected by, know someone who has been affected by, or know someone who knows someone who has died from, the coronavirus.

In an analysis, the question was asked, “Is it not better to adopt a possibly imperfect protective measure, rather than waiting for more evidence at the expense of human lives?”

An encouraging model from the University of Washington predicts that “…the US could prevent about 33,000 coronavirus deaths by October if 95% of the population wore face masks in public.”

The evidence is out there. If everyone wears a mask, transmission of the virus can be stopped. And lockdowns would not be necessary.

I would love to see “anti-maskers” take a time out, leave their anger at the door, and with an open mind, put this to the test for the next few months to see if together we can make a difference by October. Everyone wins. And they will surely help to save lives.

I now give masks as presents. If the recipients’ genuine excitement is any indication, masks are hot and truly have meaning.

How many masks do you have?

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