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July 13, 2020

Don’t you wish we could all just press the reset button and start all over again? With the knowledge we have gained and continue to discover about Covid-19 since the pandemic broke in March, we would probably be in a better place now. Because everyone would understand the severity of the virus men, women and children would all be wearing masks. We could still go about our daily lives because we would be social distancing and protecting each other from spreading the virus.

But we’re not there. Sadly, too many ignored the potential spread of the coronavirus, disregarding it as a disease that affects only seniors. It’s confirmed now that there’s a children’s version of Covid.

What’s hard to swallow is that because of a resurge in cases, states are looking to restart stay-at-home orders.

I can’t help but think about how the 9/11 tragedy – like coronavirus – took us by surprise affecting virtually everyone living in America. But with 9/11, humans of all stripes cared about one another. Nothing could stop us from pulling together.

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